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It’s a place to come when you want to explore change.
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Welcome to the New Normal Project.


It's a place to come when you want to explore change.


Tweak things.


Challenge the status quo - big or small.


When we started out acting 'not normal', we didn't find much support in this space.


We began by eating differently, meditating, moving differently, reading and watching stimulating and challenging material - and we felt so much better for it.


We connected more deeply with each other, with our children, our colleagues, friends and our patients.


But sometimes we copped it.


And we still do.


It comes from people who feel uncomfortable with our choices.


Some of them simply aren’t interested. Others think we’re weird.


And because they see the way we live as being different to the way they live, they assume that we have nothing in common.


We think that they just don’t get it - yet.


One of the things we've come to understand is that we are bound by so many commonalities. The air we breathe, the love of our children, our need to please and to be accepted – and that desire that is in all of us, to find meaning.


It’s okay that they think that way.


We’ve learned that it’s important to meet people where they are at – right now.


After all, five years ago, we would never have predicted that we would be living the life we are now.


On the outside, admittedly, it doesn't look much different but the axis that our world spins on has been tilted. And having experienced both versions of life, our new normal has given us so much more depth and meaning.


Let us introduce ourselves - we are Andrew Davies and Claire Davies (Coyne) husband and wife, Intensive Care Doctor and Nurse, runners, swimmers, yogis, meditators and now, event organisers and podcasters. We have two daughters, aged 12 and 10, and live in Melbourne, Australia.


The New Normal Project evolved from an opportunity we were given to run some events for Californian couple Rich Roll and Julie Piatt, who came into our world about two years ago.


Rich is a vegan, ultra-endurance athlete and ex-lawyer who leapt off the corporate hamster wheel to become dedicated to discovering his true purpose and help others do so too, mainly via his wildly successful podcast, the Rich Roll Podcast. Julie is a deeply spiritual yogi with her own podcast, Divine Through Line, and together they are a powerful force in their abilities to help others seek authenticity and deeper connection with themselves - as well as the greater world. These events, Living the Plantpower Way, happened in Australia - on Thursday, March 16th in Sydney and Friday, March 17th in Melbourne.


The New Normal Project aims to bring mindful, conscious content to anyone looking for expansion and improvement in the quality of their life. Our philosophy centres around those things that we know helped us:

  • nutrition

  • movement

  • rest

  • meditation

  • loving relationships

  • purpose


Look out for further podcasts with stimulating and inspiring guests, as well as future events to assist us all to live a life of greater joy and deeper meaning.



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